Looking Back

Looking back at the life of this blog, it didn’t get much attention. The attention that it did get was early on and trickled down except from an unexpected visitor (turned follower) towards the present. This lack of attention is definitely because up to this point I have not done any promotion or been very strategic in my posting. This could be resurrected with a few different tactics. Using other social media platforms to promote the content and the blog as a whole could be used. Using my own personal accounts could work to start to build a base of an audience. 1Then in the situation of this blogging project, potentially reach out to others who are doing the same and sharing each others content. While sharing content can be very effective another tacit that I think could grow my audience is to use more relevant words and content for search engine optimization. The content I have posted so far has been pretty specific and not likely to pop up in many situations.

Growing my reach is definitely something that could be worked on. Reach in a simple term is your potential audience. It is how many people see your content and getting your name and content out there. It is so important to reach a larger number of people to try and gain your niche audience. I think starting off with a large audience and then moving down to smaller and smaller categories and niches is strategy that has proved to work well. 2

After growing my reach I think it is important to build visitor loyalty. Visitor loyalty  tells how often someone goes onto a website and from that information goals can be made. This is important to know that your content is reaching an audience that cares and that it will continue to be read or viewed.

The depth of the visit is also something that should be looked into to see how engaging your content is. In a blog, making posts with intriguing titles is a way to do this that attracts the reader. Keeping a reader on your site (blog) for as long as possible is going to keep your site in their mind and bring them back.

After expanding reach I think it is very important to monitor impressions. Personally I know if something is naturally in my feed when using social media it is more likely to catch my eye. Seeing how your content is being viewed is important.

Keeping a low bounce rate is something that should be kept, this can be avoided by having a visually appealing blog with relevant and a interesting content.

When wanting to see results I think it is important to remember that any growth takes time and effort. No one is going to regularly visit a blog without content that is being posted sporadically. The blogs that I visit regularly normally have a few posts I haven’t read which is nice in my eyes because when visiting a sight I think that I like be engaged for a longer period of time than just one post.

The most important part of analytics is numbers from whatever you are looking for. Quantitative results are what I feel matters when dealing with social media growth.

Cheers to reflection and seeing new results!




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